Google Workspace

Better coordination among the team is essential for the growth of the business.

Buy Google Workspace from Keyfill Light for better coordination among the team

We are towards providing better productivity for your business through Google Workspace by using their resources available for communication, management and storage in your feasible budget.

We provide:
Google Certified Professionals
Migration to Google Workspace
Dedicated Google Workspace Support

Why to opt for Google Workspace:

Google Workspace enables you to store, share and sync the files in Google Drive. Your important files are secured in one place and the best feature is you can access them from anywhere. You can even share your files to any of the platforms through Google Drive. You need not have to save your files in Google Drive. Also the changes you make in the files of Google Drive will automatically get reflected in Google Drive.

Google Workspace provides you with professional mail ids of your desired domain through Google Mail for Business. At the time of the pandemic, it provides a hassle-free communication medium among your employees or colleagues. You can conduct and schedule the business meetings on Google Meet through videoconferencing at High Definition mode. You can be in touch with your employees or colleagues on Google Chat at any time.

Better Management
Google Workspace provides complete safety to your important data through Google Admin console and Google Vault. You can even keep an eye on the activities performed by your employees or colleagues on email and other Google Workspace Apps. It also enables you to set alerts for any suspicious activities and you can even export all the email data and chats of your employees through Google Vault.

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